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Funeral/End of Life Services


When a loved one passes we can find ourselves wondering; what are the next steps? Sometimes we know our loved ones wishes and other times those wishes may be left undefined. 


I’m here to aid you in those next steps and guide you through this challenging time. My goal is to work with you to create a personalized, one-of-a-kind service that embodies the legacy and life story of your loved one. 


As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, I work with families who are looking to celebrate their loved one’s life in meaningful and thoughtful ways. Through the sharing of stories and the importance of connection in times of grief; healing can begin. 

I understand how vulnerable these moments are and how important it is to have a safe place. Together, we can stitch a tapestry of memories, rituals, music, and poetry to celebrate and honor your loved one.


Funeral/end of life Services offered

of Life

Memorial Service

Graveside/ Committals


 Pet Services

Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life funeral service is just that. Celebrating the unique life of your loved one, through story, music, poetry and ritual. The physical body of a person may or may not be present at a Celebration of Life service.

Memorial Service

Although, similar to a Celebration of Life service; a Memorial service is also a gathering of family and friends coming together to honor the life of the loved one, however, the physical body is not present. Sometimes the cremains are present, but is not always the case.

Graveside/ Committals

This is the time when the final goodbyes occur. If a loved one is being buried, the ceremony is held at the final resting place of a gravesite or mausoleum. 


When the wishes of your loved one is to be cremated, the ceremony is often held at a crematorium. However, the ceremony can also be held graveside, a mausoleum, or wherever one has desired as their final resting place.


There is no right or wrong place for a committal. It is about honoring the life of your loved one through ceremony, wherever that may be. 


Oftentimes when a loved one is dying there may be many concerns on their mind, as well as on the mind of their family. For the person whose life is nearing completion, many times they are recalling their life story as it plays like a movie in their mind. As they recall these memories and moments in time, what are they to do with it all? 


From personal experience with a loved one, I’ve seen how beautiful a gift it is to be part of helping them put into writing their life story and legacy to be shared at their funeral. 


The process can bring tremendous peace of mind by knowing one’s wishes and story have already been shared and will be carried out when the time comes. This is why pre-need ceremonies have become a focus of mine in my own career as a celebrant. 


Contact me for more information on pre-need services.

 Pet Services

Believe it or not, pet services are very similar to services for their human companions. Although, typically less formal. 

I have chosen to specialize in pet ceremonies because of my own experience of losing my furry best friend and other furry friends throughout my life. I found out how important for the healing process it was to create a memorial and to write a ceremony.

Celebration of Life
Memorial Service
Pet Services

Next Steps

Please reach out to me here and we will schedule an initial call so you can get to know me and see if I’m a good fit for your family. 


Once you decide to move forward with my services, I can meet with you in your home or any place where you feel at ease. Phone and virtual meetings can also be arranged. During our meeting, I will talk with your family and any other friends you wish to have input or be involved in the ceremony. 

> The initial consultation is free of charge.

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