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About Elise

About Elise


My journey to becoming a Life-Cycle Celebrant began at a young age with the death of my father. That particular point in time had a powerful impact and helped to direct the course of my life in ways that I continue to discover.


I’ve pursued a longing to understand the moments in our life that show us the depth of who we are, whether those moments are joyful, sorrowful or in the quiet moments we spend enjoying family and friends. 


Life has an uncanny way of reminding us who we are and why we are here, and my love of travel, new cultures and the friendships I’ve fostered along the way has been a catalyst to understand why I’m here. 


As a Life-Cycle Celebrant I bring my life experiences to all that I do to create a safe place to craft a one-of-a-kind ceremony; whether for a funeral, wedding or milestone event, that expresses the individual's story and purpose. 

We are all unique in who we are and our uniqueness is meant to be honored and celebrated.  


What I’ve come to learn along the way is how easily we can miss the beauty of life that surrounds us, even in the smallest of moments. To celebrate the beauty of life and the lives of our loved ones is one of the ways we nurture our legacy for others to carry forward.

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