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Wedding Services


All of us have a unique life story. When two people reach the moment where they choose to spend their lives together, their stories align to bring about a celebratory event - a wedding that represents the harmony they’ve found between them.


As a Wedding Celebrant, I listen to your stories and how the trajectory of your lives brought you together, to co-create a one-of-a-kind ceremony that expresses the love between you, your hopes, dreams and the uniting of your life’s journey. 


I work with couples from all walks of life, traditions and religions to create a personalized ceremony with rituals unique to both of you. The creation of your ceremony honors the relationship between the two of you and marks the beautiful moment in time.


Wedding Services Offered

Vow Renewals


I am a Certified Civil Celebrant, as well as an Ordained Minister through the Universal Brotherhood Movement. As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, Your wedding is all about the story of you and your life partner. The best part, and my favorite part, is that the weddings that I officiate are for everyone! Whether it’s multi-cultural, spiritual, religious, non denominational, secular, or civil and no matter your sexual orientation, race, or gender. Officiating your wedding and celebrating the two of you just as you are, is what I do.

LGBTQ+ Weddings

It’s true that the weddings I officiate really are for everyone. I have decided to highlight LGBTQ+ weddings as a service I offer because the LGBQT+ community needs and deserves to have the same marriage rights as everyone else, in every way.

Destination Weddings

Because of my love for travel, destination weddings are a top priority as  a must for my business to be a part of. There really aren't many destinations I won’t go with the two of you! If you are looking to say your “I Do’s” at a destination special to you, we can make that happen!

Vow Renewals

I loved the idea of offering vow renewals because life happens; we grow and change as individuals and as a couple and sometimes even our reason for being with a significant other can change too. Having and taking the opportunity to renew your vows is a wonderful gift to yourselves and can mark the moment in time of where you are on your journey of life, together.


Next Steps

Please reach out to me here and we will schedule an initial call so you can get to know me and see if I’m a good fit for your family. 


Once you decide to move forward with my services, I can meet with you in your home or any place where you feel at ease. Virtual meetings can also be arranged. During our meeting, I will talk with your family and any other friends you wish to have input or be involved in the ceremony. 


> The initial consultation is free of charge.

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